The essay on the topic “Overheard conversation”

If you come to the library at night or just listen attentively, you can hear a lot of interesting things.

The school year is over. At school there was a fair-sale of school textbooks. But not all the textbooks at the fair were sold and they were taken to the school library. Sasha – a fifth-grade student, played football and was late for the fair. He ran with his textbooks when everyone was already separated. Then Sasha decided to take his books to the library, but it was already closed. The school attendant opened Sasha’s door and left. Sasha passed by the shelves with books, looking for a shelf with textbooks of the fifth grade. Exposing his textbooks, he drew attention to the fact that some textbooks look like new ones, and others are shabby. Sasha’s textbooks were the worst: dirty, written pages, torn off covers. He said: “Yes, my textbooks are worse than all, I wonder if someone will want to use them?”. Sasha walked between the shelves, looking

at the books, chose the thickest book with pictures, sat down at the table and began flipping. There was a deep silence in the library, and he dozed off unnoticed.

He woke up from the fact that someone quietly cried. Sasha became frightened, froze and listened. It turned out that his textbooks cried. The textbook of maths, sobbing, said: “Well, to whom I need it, in each example the answers are already written, well, that with a pencil, not with a pen.” Between examples and tasks are drawn cars, weapons and various scribbles. ” The textbook of the Russian language was crying: “Ah, well, I have written cases on my pages, missed letters, all the Ischirkano, I’m so dirty, who wants to work with me, and besides, my cover is torn off.” Sashin history textbook said: “What will happen to us now, because we can only throw or hand over to recycled paper, and we would like to serve the children, teach them.” The book on the other shelf answered, “Do not panic ahead of time.” Textbooks,

Sasha felt ashamed and sorry for her textbooks. He ran up to them and said: “My lovely textbooks, forgive me, you taught me the whole year, and I treated you so badly, I will try to heal you so that you can continue to teach children.” After collecting the textbooks, he took them home. At home Sasha carefully cleared the pages with eraser and pasted the covers. The next day, he took the cured books to the school library. Now his textbooks did not differ from the others.

Since then, Sasha treats his textbooks very carefully and carefully.

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The essay on the topic “Overheard conversation”