The essay on the topic of Learning to learn

Rather it is not right to ask “why”, it is important that everyone knows what for. For what purpose, as a child, you visit a kindergarten, master elementary things, then start going to school, then to a higher educational institution, etc. Many learn for the rest of their lives.

If we talk about studying as getting knowledge on subjects, it is worth noting that it is these very school unloved subjects that will become our main allies in the struggle for survival in the cruel world of adults. It’s sitting at home, it seems to us that adult life is something extraordinarily interesting and exciting, but it’s completely wrong. For someone who is too lazy to learn the simplest in school, in life, an adult will become an outcast and ignorant. No one will take it seriously, and sometimes even worse, they simply “conclude” with their egocentrism and desire to find someone weaker.

We should never forget that during our studies we gain not only

knowledge on certain subjects, but also become closer to each other, we find common interests and form our consciousness. Often we hear banal things about the fact that studying is necessary to make life easier in the future, so that it would be easier to find a job, etc. However, many forget that we are learning not so much for the sake of our future, but for the sake of our faith parents in change. Because they always hope that we will live better than they. But, often, parents demand more from us than they could give us.

Despite all this, it’s worth studying, because we live in a civilized world, in which there is simply a catastrophic lack of clever and competent specialists, where even in the elementary social networks that the whole world enjoys, they allow themselves to make gross mistakes, showing their illiteracy and narrowness of consciousness.

No matter how hard it is to get out of bed in the morning and go to school, no matter how much you want to jump out into the street and forget about lessons and homework, remember, you are putting an end to your future, on your recognition of your personality in society.

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The essay on the topic of Learning to learn