“Why do I need to read” an essay

Without reading, our life is unthinkable. People read for different reasons. Read in order to obtain new information necessary for life, for work. After reading they rest from everyday worries, are distracted, expand their horizons. At the moment, entertainment is given to the entertainment palm. A person during the day experiences a lot of stressful loads, he accumulates negative emotions. Mental tension. And “easy reading” helps to relax and relieve tension, plunge into another life, country, century. Reading enriches emotionally.

This literature helps to live more fully. A person searches in books often what he lacks in life. Or the book finds reflection of what is happening in his soul, in his life.

Reading is education, study. When the required material is laid out on paper, it can be re-read several times, remember. The book contains scientific discoveries, historical facts, all sorts of necessary information. Good literature requires the reader to comprehend,

experience, work of the mind and feelings. With the help of books, the reader educates himself, compares his actions with the actions of heroes, seeks examples and ideals. Asking questions: “How does the world work? Why do I live? Who am I?”, A person immerses himself in them, begins to understand himself, tries to understand his feelings and deeds, better understands other people. Literature helps him in this. Plots of some books we remember for life, and re-read your favorite songs again. And when reading books of clever, good authors, a person learns to correctly and beautifully speak. Time, which is held behind the book will never be lost in vain. People stop thinking when they do not read.

Love of a good book, a habit of reading, one must educate from childhood. And this is the task of parents – to inculcate love for reading. Let the child enter the magical world of literature. Now young people prefer to watch the film, and not read books. But, even a very good film will not replace the book you read. The film can help to perceive the book more emotionally, mentally, but not replace it.

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“Why do I need to read” an essay