The book “The best friend of man”

Meeting with a good book for me is one of the most joyful, radiant holidays. “The book is the man’s best friend.” We repeat these words often, but they do not fade with time. On the contrary, they always excite, always sound new and caress the rumor, as the sound of the ringing of the spring or the soft rustle of the spring’s first foliage caresses the ears. Time does not get along with a good book. It gives it unprecedented beauty. There are books that live thousands of years. They are as fresh as youth, pure as a childhood.

Homer – the greatest poet of the ancient world, surviving his third millennium, all shines, according to the expression of the poet, the brilliance of immortal youth and unfading force, like the greatest poets of modern times – Shakespeare, whose 400th anniversary celebrated all advanced humanity, and Tolstoy – came to the world for eternity and will live forever.

The whole life of man is “the works of

sages, the arts of inspired creatures, devotions, covenants of past centuries, future times of hope” … – the whole story of great insights of thought, the tireless struggle of man for freedom and a beautiful future, wonderful discoveries in the knowledge of the universe

– everything contained the book, it is an amazing brainchild of man and created by him for man.

Hardly having learned to babble, the baby listens to a fairy tale, the mother reads the story to him, and the child in the living poetic fantasy already catches the charm of good and turns from evil. Teenager book conquers brave, brave exploits, the young man seeks in the book answers to eternal questions about the meaning of life, a mature man multiplies his life experience, the old man philosophically interprets the past.

The book accompanies the person everywhere and always: you will meet her in a poor hut, in rich palaces, and in the modest room of a worker. Old, young, children, single, happy and unhappy – all need a book, and she, as a true friend, teaches, and pleases, and comforts, and encourages to heroism,

to seeking truth, truth and beauty.

Everyone needs the book. She conquers the world more firmly than the great victories of the glorified generals. Alexander of Macedon in the campaigns did not part with the book. The book, like a sudden shot, makes society startle: in the long-past years the book of Giordano Bruno “On Infinity, the Universe and the Worlds” shocked the world and for this was burned by obscurantism.

“Notes of the Hunter” clearly showed to Russian society the whole shame of serfdom.

Gorky remembers how once in the attic he read Flaubert’s story “A simple soul.” The book seized him, as if bewitched, as if he himself had experienced the fate of a simple woman. He was still a teenager and could not understand the secret of this excitement, and he read everything, and all looked, flipped through and turned over the pages. And for the first time he understood the wonderful property of the book to make the reader merge into a single life with her hero.

During the Great Patriotic War, Soviet soldiers took book II with them. Ostrovsky “How the steel was tempered”. And Ostrovsky’s young boy was inspired by the wonderful book of E. Voynich “The Gadfly”. Reader! Search, love and keep a good book. And she, as a kind friend, as the best adviser and companion, will thank you a hundredfold. It will open to you the rise of human thought. It will strengthen your faith in the future, awaken hope, bring up a love for honesty, for heroism, for good. This man is not protected, he is an orphan.

No precious things will decorate your home, if there is not a book in it – like a lamp of reason, it illuminates the whole life of a person. The book is an invaluable treasure, from where mankind draws wisdom, virtue, invincible courage, joy, hardness of the spirit, indestructible, and contempt for every vain vanity.

Love the book – it’s a friend who has never changed anyone, but always pointed the way to a just and dignified life.

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The book “The best friend of man”