Writing a book in my life

Why do I need to read books? This question is very relevant in our time. We live in an era of universal computerization. I can find any book on the Internet. Moreover, I do not need to read it, I can just listen to it or watch the film adaptation. Honestly, it’s much easier than reading.

So there was the first answer to the question about the need for reading. Reading books, I “work my head”, that is, I think, I reflect, I draw some conclusions. This is the first. Second, I am convinced that books are brought up morally and spiritually. They put questions about which in everyday life somehow you do not think. But these issues are of paramount importance in the life of every person: why do I live? What is love? what is the world around me? And so on.

Now we have a huge selection of books. Classics, detectives, intellectual texts, fantasy, modern “classic”. Among all this diversity, which is taken for granted, you can lose really valuable books.

And which books are valuable to me?

Those who inspire worthy deeds that give birth to faith in themselves and in the bright future, which reveal the essence of human actions, which are simply pleasant to read. Valuable books can be read more than once and each time find something new and valuable in them. They are not meant for children or for adults, they are beyond time and age.

One of my favorite books, which in many ways changed my views, is the philosophical parable “A Seagull named Jonathan Livingstone,” written by Richard Bach. The protagonist of the work, seagull Jonathan Livingston, was not like everyone else. He wanted to fly above all, most of all, wanted to be the best in everything. Nobody believed in him, all the gulls in his pack laughed at him.

Without listening to anyone, Jonathan flew at night, although nobody did before him. The hero developed an incredible speed – 214 miles per hour – and dreamed of even more. Exiled from the pack, but not broken, in the finale Jonathan gained freedom and found like-minded people.

As an epigraph to the work, the

author wrote the following lines to “The Inconcious Jonathan-Chaika, who lives in each of us.” This book inspires in us the belief in ourselves, the fact that a person can do anything if he strives for the goal and learns not to depend on public opinion.

Books play an important role in my life, because they strongly influence it. We can say that, to some extent, books are my older comrades, mentors. Through the prism of my favorite books, I look at the world and, I think, I get better: good, wiser, tolerant.

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Writing a book in my life