An essay on the topic “Why should you study?”

Each of us, probably, at least once in my life wondered “why should we study?” or “why am I learning?”. Most often this question arises in a person in childhood, because then he does not understand that his future depends more on himself. So why do you need to learn? If you are less than ten and more than fifteen, then, I think, this question does not arise. In the first case, because you are still a child, not aware of the majority of events around, in the second – because you are already an adult who understands that your future is in your hands.

Of course, each of us builds our own future. Undoubtedly, the foundation is laid by our parents, but what we will be with after leaving the parents’ house, we decide and choose ourselves. Each of us would like to have a good job, a family, to be secured, healthy and successful person. But all this is not given for no reason, does not fall from the sky directly into the hands. It happens only in fairy

tales, when Ivan the Fool, doing nothing, receives a kingdom, a beautiful wife and respect for others. Then they are fairy tales to describe what can not be. In fact, each of us is the smith of his own happiness and success.

In order to find a good job you need to have a prestigious education, and for this you need to be well disaccustomed to school. Accordingly, the question “why do we need to learn” disappears by itself, when we build a logical chain and build plans for the future. To study, it’s not so simple, that’s why many give up half-way, are lazy and sail along the course of life. Being younger, I also argued on this topic and thought: “Well, why should you study, because it’s boring and difficult?”. The answer was found a few years later, when I began to think about the future, about the family, work and career. Undoubtedly, studying plays a huge role in our life, because it is the basis of success and prosperity.

For anyone who is reading this text now and does not understand why we need to learn, I would like to give one piece of advice. Yes, it’s

hard to study, but if it was easy, all this and our future would have such a huge price. I believe that it is necessary to study at school, at the university, investing all our efforts because our future will depend on this. We do not have to study eleven more years at school or 5 years at the institute. This all happens only once, so it is so important to wean one time on conscience, well and diligently, so that later this knowledge will return to us with success, good work and well-being.

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An essay on the topic “Why should you study?”