The book is our friend and adviser

A person who loves and knows how to read is a happy person. He is surrounded by many clever, kind friends. These friends are books. K. Paustovsky

“Reading is the best teaching.” This statement was heard by everyone. And you can not disagree with him. The book of the books “The Bible” reads: “In the beginning was the Word.” And with the word it all began. Departments of manuscripts of various libraries store ancient folios, which came to us from the depths of centuries. Ancient Rus valued books as the greatest treasures. To have several books meant to have a fortune.

“The Tale of Bygone Years” refers to books as rivers that “give the Universe” wisdom of immeasurable depth. “If you look diligently in the book of wisdom,” the chronicler noted, “you will find great benefit to your soul.” It is no accident on the old books there are inscriptions: “Woe to him who scribbles from books in

the fields, in the next world demons cut his face with iron”; “You can not sell this book, you can not give it away.” The reader of books felt himself attached to the eternal wisdom of the world. Creators of the works were people of great artistic culture, who sincerely took care of the fate of their homeland.

The culture of reading presupposes the work of memory. By improving our reading skills, we strive to get as much information as possible, to experience the pleasure of new thoughts for us, from the writer’s language. Having finished reading, we mentally return to the read. We consider the information received, evaluate it, reflect on ideas or images. This allows not only to memorize what is written in the book, but sometimes encourages us to return to the favorite work more than once.

Everyone has his own favorite book, which he can read an infinite number of times from any page. I love to read, and how not to read books! Life without them is boring. Without them you do not know what is, what was, what will be on earth. No, without books, life is not interesting.

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The book is our friend and adviser