Composition on the topic “Internet”

The Internet is a great invention of modern times. If you think about it, when did people have such opportunities for communication and information exchange, as now? Could our grandparents have imagined that it would be possible at any time to contact their relatives living on another continent? Read any book without going to the library, buy the goods without leaving home? To see thanks to a webcam that is happening in another part of the world right now? To communicate in “Twitter” with a foreign singer?

Like almost everything in our life, the Internet can carry both benefit and harm. They say that there is a lot of unverified information. And the Internet accustoms us to a sedentary lifestyle, which is not good for health. I guess that’s why my parents do not allow me to spend much time on the web.

The Internet is a vast expanse of information and communication, on which it is easy to get lost. And often it happens, I read something useful and interesting,

and somehow I found myself on an unfamiliar site, where you read some gossip for the last half hour… Or you write to Vkontakte for hours with your friends instead of meeting in the courtyard.

However, I am sure that the advantages of the Internet are much greater. He helps with his studies. There are very useful sites, for example, “Wikipedia”, where you can find information in an understandable form about everything – events, people, things, phenomena.

And I like that on the web I can communicate with people who share my hobbies. I like to take pictures, so I registered on the site, where other amateur photographers also upload their work, comment on each other, give advice. My younger brother along with my dad are fans of Lego, and they constantly communicate in the forum of like-minded people. And my mother often cooks delicious dishes based on recipes from Vkontakte.

In my opinion, the Internet is a good assistant in everything, you just need to learn how to select useful information and not neglect live communication, sports and other useful things.

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Composition on the topic “Internet”