The future of mankind

Gold words were spoken by philosophers and skeptics of all times and peoples: “The future will be as we create it” (Silovan Ramishvili), “The future is determined by the past” (Silovan Ramishvili), “Future is the historical creditor of the past” (S. Sukhorukov), “The future in the present, but the future is in the past, that we create it, if it is bad, this is our fault “(Anatole France). It is not surprising, because the theme of the future of mankind never loses its relevance. As long as we live, there is always a future.

Has anyone thought about what is waiting for us, people, in the future? I’m sure almost everyone. How can you influence the process of the future formation, if in the present you do not always succeed in this? Everything is much simpler than we think it really is. The future is the past and the present together. Each of us is the creator of the destiny of mankind. From any action and decision affects one

or another turn in life. For example, one day, as a child, a child drew a picture. Naturally, no one values ​​the typical picture of a child.

Time passes, and this drawing becomes a masterpiece of world art. After several centuries, the same picture becomes a historical memorial, a museum exhibit. Imagine only how many people saw the drawing, how many parallels of people’s lives passed. Therefore, through any act a person makes his small contribution to the development of mankind. It does not matter how the fate of this or that decision develops. It will be much more important to participate in the process of establishing your future. The conclusion is that the relationship is so high that you need to do more right, good deeds, be honest.

Every person on Earth has to think carefully about what is the main thing in life, in what world we want to live. Of course, no one can know the future, but nobody forbids us to create it. Therefore it is important to allow as few errors as possible in our short moment.

In the help can become the purpose of life, become an ideal, a standard. I believe that

the future can not be built without spiritual and cultural development, without public consciousness. We are used to the fact that the indicator of social life rests on the daily picture of the life of ordinary people. Developing cultural and spiritual values, we create a strong foundation for a high level of public consciousness.

The future is always behind us! The future of mankind depends on what people think about what people are doing today. Strive to be the best, and the world will be better.

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The future of mankind