The house of the future work

Reflecting on the “house of the future”, a fantastic picture is drawn in the head, in truth. This is more like an exhibition of the most modern machinery and equipment, which operates in a fully automatic mode. A person can only give commands, and everything happens on demand. The house itself is also a large computer or even a robot that is responsible for all the processes inside itself. It controls the switching on and off of light, the supply of heat, the flow of water. In part, such examples already exist in our present, but so far they are at the initial stage of development. Yes, and limit their dreams only energy-saving technologies, somehow melkovato. If so, automation, then the full program.

In the “house of the future” everything will light up, turn on and change one clap or a voice command. For example, went into the house, slapped, and the hallway light caught fire. Clapped two times, the light went out. In the kitchen he said “Coffee”

or “Sandwich”, the corresponding devices revived and began to cook at will to the owner. Television will work best on this principle. Do not look for the forever disappearing console. I plopped on the couch, ordered “TV, such and such a channel” and everyone – sit and watch. Switching between the buttons, too, using the voice. Is not this paradise?!

The most beautiful thing is that in the “house of the future” nothing will be done at all. The dust itself is wiped, the dishes are cleaned, the floor is vacuumed, the dinner is prepared is the dream of any housewife. All your free time, and it will be enough, you can spend on a loved one.

Of course, many will say that a person will become fat and ugly, if for him all will do cars. Maybe so, but not in the “house of the future.” After all, it will have everything you need to maintain a physical form – ultramodern massagers, gym, swimming pool. And how do you like? “Supernatural house” should be more “supercomfortable”. Of course, this is not a “Khrushchevka” with

an area of ​​20 square meters. And it’s not even those apartments and cottages, which are now called elite. In comparison with the “house of the future” they are all huts.

“The house of the future” can be increased. Why not? Here came the guests, many guests, and all places are not enough. Set the necessary program and after a while there were a couple of additional rooms. It is not clear how this will be done technically, but this can be exactly. Of course, many will say “fantasy” and “this can not be.” Well, yes, once people did not believe in space flights, computers, lasers, etc. Even cell phones seemed to be something supernatural, and now they are, even, for every child.

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The house of the future work