Composition “I am a future voter”

What does it mean to be a voter? First of all, it is to take part in the public and political life of the country, because politics surrounds us at every step. Sometimes we complain about poor governance of the country, city, district, criticizing the actions and policies of certain structures. But only we – ordinary citizens – are able to change the political life of the country for the better. This can be done, first of all, by participating in elections.

I am a future voter. In two years I will go to the polls for the polling station. I have often thought about the question, who is a voter? What rights does he have? The answers to these and other questions related to the election procedure in our country were received during the visit to polling station No. 886 in Lesnoy.

On February 17, 2013, for the students of grades 8-10 in the House of Culture, a meeting was held with Makeyeva Svetlana Veniaminovna, the chairman of the precinct election commission, and

Tatiana Vladimirovna Kostina, a member of the territorial election commission with the decisive vote.

Svetlana Veniaminovna told about the organization of the elections. The present students learned that the very day of elections is preceded by the enormous work of the election commission. This is a reconciliation of voter lists, work with bulletins, absentee certificates. Each voter must be given an invitation, in which the address of the polling station, the time of work, the telephone number is reported.

The purpose of the commission is to create conditions for all categories of residents of our country to be able to vote. Those who are on the day of elections are at work and can not come to their polling station, an absentee certificate is issued. People of elderly age, sick members of the election commission visit at home.

The Electoral Commission starts reception of citizens from 8 am to 8 pm. Observers from different parties are present at the elections. They ensure that elections are fair. In the elections, the secrecy of voting is observed, for this purpose booths are put. Counting of votes

is conducted in the presence of observers. A protocol is drawn up and signed by all members of the commission. Copies of the protocols are distributed to observers.

Kostina Tatyana Vladimirovna conducted a tour of the polling station, showed booths for voting, ballot boxes, a portable box for voting outside the premises.

The guys listened with interest to the speeches, asked questions. I believe that such events are very important and useful. After all, elections are an indicator of a person’s civil position, attitude to the future of the country, an expression of confidence in the Russian electoral system. As the popular saying goes, “what you sow, you will reap.”

I’m looking forward to my majority in order to use my electoral right to feel proud of my own involvement in the fate of my country. I am a future voter, and it depends on me whether the positive changes that have begun in recent years in Russia will continue.

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Composition “I am a future voter”