“My future profession is an engineer” composition

We are already high school students, so it’s time to decide on the profession. All teachers say that I have a technical mindset. I really like to study physics, algebra and programming. I decided that my future will be connected with technical specialty and I will become an engineer.

An engineer is a person who creates new developments for different industries. The profession is very extensive, because you can become an engineer-technologist, an electrical engineer, a design engineer and so on. Such people have an analytical mind and mathematical abilities. Without engineers, the production of factories and plants would not have been carried out. Because, where there is a technique, an engineer is needed.

I want to become a software engineer. I like to write various programs for phones and laptops, solve logical problems, make logical schemes. I constantly read various technical articles, I follow the novelties and the development of technology. Now I participate

in school and city programming olympiads. After school I plan to get a higher technical education.

A software engineer is one of the highest paid professions. To reach heights in this field, constant development and training is required. In addition to programming languages, I plan to study the foreign language well, because I want to become a highly skilled worker.

After graduating, I will settle down in some good firm, where I can pass an internship, get the proper experience and work in a team with other programmers. In the future, I plan to develop a variety of projects, write programs for large companies. I will assemble a team of professionals and open my company.

Of course, this profession does not do without minuses. You have to work at the computer all the time, which can seriously affect your health. But the modern world does not do without gadgets, and I still spend a lot of time on the laptop. But I will earn and develop, so there will be much more benefits. In doing so, I will not forget to play sports and lead a mobile lifestyle.

I will strive for the goal and will do everything to succeed! It is very important to get a profession that you like. After all, the thing that you like will not only bring money, but give pleasure!

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“My future profession is an engineer” composition