Composition “Ukraine in the future”

Ukraine has long been a European country. Only the accession to Russia has slowed down this progress of European integration for 300 years. Therefore, presenting the future of Ukraine, it is necessary to study its past well, because often the answers to some complex current issues lie in the sources of the past.

Dreams are always beautiful. They are represented and implemented by people in different ways. Artists – in the canvas, where the dawn, where a lot of sky and colors. Composers are in the ocean of beautiful music. Writers – in the splendor of the word. Sculptors – in elegant forms, which reflect the movement of the soul. The peasant’s dream is in the splendor of the loaves. The higher you take off in dreams, the more it attracts people and becomes as if closer. The dream – stayed. Therefore, multiplied by thousands of dreams. And consequently, immortal. And consequently, everything is possible.

All our dreams are a step to reality.

As early as the 18th century, a well-known German publicist and satirist remarked: “The future must be laid in the present.” What does this mean? This means that we should not look under our feet and solve only immediate problems, but look beyond the horizon, plan our own and state life in such a way that future generations do not alter (as it is now observed) or the state system, then the Basic Law, but continued to move in one direction. That direction is easily determined by one sentence: “A direction where every Ukrainian will live well”.

They say that every nation has its own character. In my opinion, among people of different nationalities very much in common: everyone wants peace, home comfort, good work, quiet old age. It’s a shame that the Ukrainians themselves have added a saying: “Where are two Ukrainians, there are three hetmans” (another option: “Where are two Ukrainians, there are three parties”). This shows that we will have to listen to political chatter and the praises of our political leaders for a long time, and then begin to restore order in

our own home.

Golden wheat fields are the wealth of Ukraine, but this is not all her wealth. In the bowels of the Ukrainian land are stored a variety of minerals. The most important are ore and coal. Coal is Donbass, iron ore is Krivoy Rog. These two places are like two siblings who can not live without each other. Just as the West and the East of Ukraine are inseparable in their country to Ukraine.

The future of Ukraine, unfortunately, is in the hands of current politicians, because only civil society can become a counterbalance to party ambitions. But civil society can not even be formed in ten years. It seems to me that this should be the good will of the political elite. That is, every politician should work for the benefit of Ukraine, and not for the benefit of another state or for certain money in favor of another country.

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Composition “Ukraine in the future”