“The problem of future writing” essay

In his article, A. Kondratov discusses “universal” symbols, an increasing amount of information and phonetic, letter, letter.

One of the problems posed by the author is the problem of future writing. This question, of course, is relevant in our time, because now the letters replaced cell phones and communication over the Internet, “machine writing” prevails over every other. In the author’s opinion, more and more ideogram symbols are being created, information-logical machines record all the necessary information, form a “universal code of science.”

But the author claims that the alphabet, the letter of letters, the book “the ages will live,” that “the letters will die only together with a living human word”, because live conversation will be preserved, will develop and improve, writers and poets will create their new works, that is, the Word will always sound. With this position the author can not disagree.

Indeed, nothing can replace a living word, for hundreds of years there has been and will be a treasury of human thoughts and feelings – the Book.

In one of the works of ancient Russian literature – “The Tale of Bygone Years” – there are lines: “Books are rivers that make the universe, they have immeasurable depth.” No matter how much other means of information are improved, I think that the book will always find its reader. I mean fiction. A person learns the world, learns to distinguish between good and evil, to perceive the true beauty of an artistic word primarily through books.

Of course, “machine writing” is necessary. It is used primarily in science. And even at school we study various symbols-ideograms. And in mathematics, and in chemistry, and in biology can not do without. Even with the study of the Russian language, we use a symbolic letter. So it turns out that both “universal” symbols, and a living word in our life are interrelated.

In conclusion, I would like to say that A. Kondratova’s article interested me and made me think about the problem posed in the text.

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“The problem of future writing” essay