Composition is my future family

Now I am at an age when it is already worth thinking about your future. I have an excellent example of my parents before my eyes. I mean their very kind, trusting relationship. They have a very strong alliance, despite the fact that they have been married for more than 15 years.

I dream that I will have a friendly big family. We will live in a big house. In the morning we will wake up to the singing of birds. I think that guests will come to us, friends. I really like hospitable families. It is important that with my future children I also have a trusting relationship. Parents are the closest people in the life of each person. To them we can come to consult, share joyful and sad events.

The family is like a fortress. It must be unbreakable, united, cohesive. I will try to help my children and word and deed. Of course, to protect them from all adversities will not work, but I would really like to make their life more comfortable. This is the main purpose of loving parents.

This is how you can tell about the family of my dreams. I would like my future family to be similar to the one in which I live now. I hope that my dream will come true, and I can be proud of her.

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Composition is my future family