My future profession is translator

Choosing a profession is a very important step, on which your future destiny depends. The profession should, firstly, be to your liking, and, secondly, to provide you with a decent life.

For myself, I have already decided that I will become a linguistic translator, and a specific language is Chinese. Every day I give him 3-5 hours. Yes, it’s heavy, but so interesting. Sometimes it seems that he does not want to open the door in any way, but thanks to perseverance, patience and faith in himself, I step by step achieve my goal. I try to take Chinese from all sides – it’s not just textbooks, grammar, it’s also culture, communication.

I try to create, as best as possible, in everyday life around the language environment, at least for a couple of hours a day. If I meet a Chinese on the street, I will definitely approach him and ask for something or offer my help. It’s so nice when you understand, and you understand the native speaker. The most important

thing in learning someone else’s language is a great love for him, and also respect.

My acquaintance with the Chinese language happened when I was in junior class, then I got to the performance of the Beijing Opera, which made an indelible impression on me. For a long time I asked my parents to tell me where these actors came from, what kind of language, and why there are no letters on the poster, only drawings (at that time I knew nothing about hieroglyphics). Seeing my great interest, my parents gave me to a language school, where I opened up new horizons of the Chinese language with great zeal.

I believe that the translator is a very necessary profession in our time. Even if scientists continue to come up with ways to translate by machine, a live translator is much better. An interpreter is one who is a bridge between two sometimes completely different cultures and people, one who creates an atmosphere of mutual understanding, friendship and intercultural communication.

I want to become a translator

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My future profession is translator