Composition “The Future of Our Planet”

No man can be a god, it is too much for us. But everyone would like to look into our future to know what awaits our small Earth, which is so defenseless against the scale of the universe. Most of all people always care about his future, his family, his country, the world in general. That is why science fiction literature is so diverse and interesting. Every writer-fiction writer sees the future in his own way, and we just choose a scenario here that we liked more. I will focus on the Strugatsky brothers. Both have interesting professions: an astronomer and an orientalist-japanist. Perhaps for this reason their creativity is directed to the cosmos and earthly wisdom. Brothers with a large portion of humor and satire drew their future. Notably, that their creativity in the second half of the twentieth century was considered a mockery and a parody of the socialist way of life of that time. I consider their works a fantasy, in which a warning is heard that each of us should be attentive

to the present, because in the future, what has been planted today will grow up.

Our planet in the future at the Strugatsky is a highly developed and powerful Earth. In the atmosphere, happiness reigns, dwellings are more comfortable, work brings only satisfaction and pleasure. The only conflict in the new Strugatsky world is the preservation of sovereignty (it is impossible to mesh into the natural processes, the course of events). The authors show a threat of interference in two directions: the interference of earthlings in the life and development of other civilizations and the existence on the planet of other worlds.

In the first direction, all the earthlings are taken to do harm to them, and those for whom all this is done are also pouring into problems. All attempts of a highly developed civilization to develop another, a lower level before their own, were unsuccessful. On this topic, a dialogue is being conducted in the book “It’s hard to be God.” Rumata is a developed person from the future, telling Budakha, a scientist from the Middle Ages, that it is probably not worth saving a person

his story, it may be better for mankind to replace one with another, more developed one. In response, Budachi is asked by the gentlemen either to wipe out the present humanity or to leave it aside so that they can follow their own path. But Rumata, whose soul is full of compassion, is not able to do this, although sent to save the whole world from ignorance and stupidity.

We can conclude that it was not clear to the minds of the future that its history is important to any people. Civilization without a past, without the experience of generations can not exist. History consists of every generation and even each individual. The planet throughout history has experienced many disasters, disasters, wars, the impact of progress, which brought a terrible ozone hole in the atmosphere. No less had to survive and people. But we continue to exist. We know that we are earthlings and this is a pride for us, about which we can shout to the whole universe.

Speaking of aliens, we can mention that they are smarter than humans. These Wanderers use our planet and its inhabitants in their own interests. Their actions do not carry malicious intent, they just do not notice how they do it. They do not worry that their unusual methods can scare the earthlings. Because of this, panic and misunderstanding spread among people, they can no longer hold the situation in their hands. Wanderers harmed people, saying at the same time that they are always ready to support and help. Nobody knows what their help would really be.

If you move away from the scale of the universe. the examples of interference of aliens in a less developed civilization on our planet can be given a huge amount. The help to the starving countries, which led to speculation, interference in the life of the aborigines, all this indicates that the environment in which the invaders were not ready for such help. Their mentality, living conditions, culture dictated a different way of life. In the mentality of man, his genetics have the instinct to assimilate everything that has been gained by his experience. Only in this way does it develop and rise. People themselves must lead their lives and reach new levels of development, create their own history. As the Strugatsky brothers believed, a new person can be created only with the help of a new teaching, and some impulses towards him are still extremely rare and dubious, so it is easy to press the teachings of the old time. The basis of the new teaching is the education of ourselves. And to create a new person in yourself, you can and without outside supervision.

The question of the future, what is it for science fiction writers? This is the present day, which has grown under the influence of the past. For any earthling, the future is tomorrow. For the history of the universe, every day is the future. I live only the present. An ordinary day for the universal history and absolutely not interested in the science fiction writer. But if you think about it, what I did today, yesterday for me was the future. And tomorrow will bring to me the fruits of my yesterday’s past. And my little contribution to the history of the universe will take its place. My ordinary “today” will become an earthly present. Together with the entire earthly population, I will try to look into our Future. Our life in it depends on what we will do for him.

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Composition “The Future of Our Planet”