My future profession

As my mother from the third grade knew that she would be a mathematician, so since I started studying biology at school, I had become interested in her.

Everything in it interested me: and the fact that scientists have long been open and explored, and what the heads are still puzzling about. In high school I began attending Sunday biological school at KSU named after Karazin. How much new and interesting was waiting for me here! We are deeper than at school, engaged in biological problems, learned to solve complex problems in biology, played whole plays on biological topics.

I realized that biology is the science of the 21st century, I learned that it had long since closed with chemistry and physics, engendering new branches of science: biochemistry and biophysics. Now the whole world is in the process of combining biology with various technological processes, resulting in the creation of biotechnology. While I have not yet decided which branch of biology I will choose

as a future specialty, I will therefore try to enter the department of general biology. If I do, I’ll start looking. I want the future work to advance science, bring people benefits, and me satisfaction. This is so important in life when you like to work when you love your profession, when you know that you made the right choice. The only correct one for life.

If I do not know which field of biology I will choose, I know for sure what I will never do. Genetics. And I know why. I do not want to interfere with what is of God. To know genetics is necessary, but I do not consider intervention in the human genome a matter for myself. And when I read about genetic engineering, about cloning, about future clones, which can be stamped as much as I want, I feel uneasy. Clones for me are mankurts that know nothing about kinship in general, which are devoid of the memory of the past, because this past does not exist for them. My soul shuddered with pain when I read the chapters of Ch. Aitmatov’s novel “And the day lasts for more than a century” – about how the unfortunate mother finally finds her lost son. But this is not her son. It’s a zombie, a robot, a mancrock who does not know who he is and from where.

In biology, I will choose something human, which benefits living nature and people.

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My future profession