Composition on the future school

Composition on the future school

It’s interesting to think about what the school will be like in the future. I can not say that I do not like the modern one at all. And yet it seems to me that one day, in many decades or even centuries, schooling will change beyond recognition. It is difficult to imagine what our future will be like. Therefore, I want to dream about what the school will be like, when a person discovers for himself the secrets of science unknown to us today.

In the future, students will have little time to spend in classrooms studying information on books. And it will be so: biology, they will study in nature in forests, fields. Each species of plants or animals can be seen live, and in parallel will explain the theoretical material about them.

Foreign languages ​​will be studied

in countries where they are spoken. Schoolchildren with the teacher will be exported, for example, to England for six months, and they will quickly learn the language while communicating with the English. It would be great if we would study geography in this way! If we imagine that ultra-high-speed transport has already been invented, then even for one lesson it would be possible to visit a couple of continents.

And yet, in the school of the future it will be possible to choose the direction of education from the fifth grade. If you are given languages, literature, then you go in the humanitarian direction, understand mathematics and physics – in the mathematical and so on. This will help students learn their inclinations and choose a suitable future profession.

I do not think there will be any assessments in the school of the future. Because schoolchildren will not just learn the material and solve the same tasks, but perform scientific and creative tasks, and then at special conferences share the results with the others. Teachers will help them in this, there will be many individual lessons.

I think that everyone will like this school. It will be interesting to study in it, no one will have to be forced to come. None of the students will not want to skip classes. I hope that the real school of the future will be even better than I imagine.

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Composition on the future school