My future plans

It is very important to know the direction in which you want to go after graduation. When we leave school, we know that it is time to choose a future profession, and this is not an easy task. Some children know who they want to be in primary school. Others make this decision only in high school.

In any case, it’s good when you know how you want to live in the future. As for me, I always dreamed of becoming a doctor. This is my main goal. This school year is the last for me, so I have to decide which university or college to enroll. Our city offers several options. For example, there is a college where I can learn the basics of medicine.

I will have to study there for 2 or 3 years, and after graduation I will receive a nurse license. After this college, when I understand that on the right path, I can enter a medical university that offers many faculties. For example, I can choose to become a therapist or surgeon. My dream is to become a surgeon, although I know that it takes a lot of effort. I heard that some surgeons in our country study for 8 or more years. They should always develop and use their skills. Thus, I will certainly continue my studies at the university and, possibly, in graduate school. I am sure that higher education is very important for a stable future.

When a person gets a good education, he or she will always find an interesting job. Another occupation that I admire is drawing, and this is one of my favorite hobbies. Maybe when I get my basic education, I’ll start attending art workshops. I met people who developed their hobbies in the future, and in this connection are quite happy.

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My future plans