Composing my future

The future begins today – there is such an expression. It means that the foundation of what will happen to us for a while, is laid in the present. I like this because I see it as an opportunity to influence what my life will be like in the future.

I can confidently say what I expect from my future. Of course, circumstances that do not depend on me can interfere, and destroy my plans. However, this is not known for certain. Therefore, I believe, it is possible and necessary to plan your future and make efforts to realize them. Because it can be very bitter once to understand that your life is neglected because in the past you did not try to make it worthy.

As for me, important things for a person are good relations with relatives and friends, reliable friends, like-minded people who share your interests and hobbies, this is also the material security and successes in the profession that a person chooses. There are many more good things in life, and I want to focus on what depends on us, not on external circumstances.

That’s why I try to build sincere relations with those who surround me. I want my friends to remain close to me forever. Also, I’m gradually interested in various professions, looking for information, trying to do different things, in order to understand what I have the ability to do and how to apply them in the future to secure myself financially. I want my work to please me.

These are my plans for the future – to find my own way in life to live it for good reason.

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Composing my future