Composition on the theme of the city of the future

In what cities do we live now? They are all very different: large and small, quiet and noisy, clean and polluted. I think that in the future all cities will be similar.

What to expect from the cities of the future?

Mankind is constantly evolving, new technologies are being created, modernization is being carried out. I am sure that after a while technology will be developed that will make all cities comfortable and convenient for life.

In the cities of the future, almost everything will be automated. Clean streets will not wipers, and automatic machines that can not get tired, so everywhere there will be cleanliness. All cars will move on autopilot, which will avoid accidents. Many skyscrapers will be built, and alleys of trees will be planted between them, so that there are many places where you can walk.

In the city of the future there will be no crime. Scientists will create a new security system that will monitor the entire territory of the city, so criminals do not dare to do something bad.

And in the cities of the future will be very beautiful. Many professions will be replaced by robots, so people will be able to engage in creativity.

Artists will decorate fences and facades of buildings, designers create beautiful houses, and sculptors – beautiful monuments and monuments.

Perhaps in the future there will be no disease. Medicine is developing very quickly, and in a few years specialists can find medicines for many terrible diseases. All this depends on our generation.

The better we learn, and then work, the more chances we have for building an ideal future. I really want to live in such a city of the future!

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Composition on the theme of the city of the future