Man of the future work

Throughout the entire time of human existence, human activity was characterized by a consumer attitude toward nature. I believe that if we continue to squander the same natural resources, the future of mankind will be painted with gloomy colors. Contaminated reservoirs, dirty-gray sky, cloud smog, because of which the sun’s rays do not reach the ground, and as a result – climate change, natural disasters. So many negative filmmakers draw the negative scenario of the future, implying that human activity will find a direct response to the forces of nature.

I believe in a bright future. Mankind, having reconsidered its relation to living nature, has a better chance of success. We need to go not only through technological development, but also to take care of the ecological state of the planet. I believe that over time people will start using natural energy sources, thereby minimizing the consumption of terrestrial resources. Maybe in the future there will be no concrete,

and houses will be built entirely of wood and glass.

I think that in the future there will be no health problems. Medicine will step forward so that any, even the most serious, diseases will be promptly cured in a very short time. The robots will be able to diagnose and conduct the operations, which will reduce the risk of error during the operation to zero.

Learning and acquiring new knowledge will also be facilitated. Maybe, like in the cinema, the necessary knowledge and skills will be written straight to the human brain. In a world where one can become a professional with the help of simple manipulation with the brain, real talents will be highly appreciated. Thus, artists and musicians, writers and poets will receive the greatest recognition. Because that does not happen, and sincere human emotions are not able to give more than one supercomputer.

In the future, there will be no problems with unemployment and financial crisis. The borders of all countries will erode and people will live in one huge country called Earth, in which there will be no wars, no famine, no fear of tomorrow. And maybe my ideas about the future are somewhat naive, but I believe that it will be so – bright and clean.

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Man of the future work