The importance of natural conditions and natural resources for the existence of mankind

A person’s life outside nature is impossible. To ensure its existence, human society uses both natural and natural conditions. The natural conditions include the components of nature that affect the life and economic activities of the population. First of all, it concerns climate and relief. It is the climatic conditions that make it possible to grow certain crops. Where necessary, irrigation or drainage of land is carried out. To increase the yield of cultivated plants, a person uses modern agricultural machinery, various kinds of fertilizers and chemical plant protection products. Undoubtedly, all these measures change individual components of nature and adversely affect natural complexes.

If you compare the physical map of the world and the map of population density, you can find the following pattern: most people not only live in a temperate, subtropical or subequatorial climate, but also prefer flat areas, especially along rivers and seashores. After all, lowlands and

hills are best suited for different types of economic activity. Therefore, the plains were the first, in contrast to the mountain areas, were developed and inhabited by people.

The vital activity of man is significantly affected by natural phenomena of nature. Very important is the study and early warning of the likelihood of manifestation of individual phenomena of nature, dangerous for specific areas of the earth’s surface. To this end, scientific services for geographical forecasting have been established and are operating.

Society can not exist and develop without the constant use of natural resources. Natural resources are understood as components of nature that are used in the economy at a given ethane of scientific and technological development. Natural resources are conditionally divided into exhaustible, whose reserves are limited, and inexhaustible, the number of which is invariable. The exhaustible resources include minerals, land and biological resources. Examples of inexhaustible resources are the energy of the sun, wind, sea tides.

The most important for the development of various sectors of the economy are mineral resources, minerals, the need for which is constantly increasing.

The existence of mankind is impossible without fresh water. Many fresh water from rivers and lakes is used for irrigation and in industry: for cooling turbines of power plants, smelting metal, making paper, chemical products, etc. Of course, after use in production and agriculture, the quality of water deteriorates, which adversely affects all alive.

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The importance of natural conditions and natural resources for the existence of mankind