Choosing a future profession

For the first time the issue of choosing a future profession is seriously faced by a young man or girl after the end of the 9th grade.

In the eyes of other children, people who have already left are adults. Because they have more freedom and independence. In addition, at this age, he is attracted to the possibility of earning his own money. And these are all signs of adulthood, to which teenagers so strive.

Many, indeed, find their calling, having received the profession of cook. hairdresser, seamstress, locksmith, welder, etc.

But the choice of the future profession is a serious matter and requires a thorough approach.

In 95% parents of teenagers want the child to finish 11 classes and necessarily entered the institute, not thinking about the abilities, abilities and inclinations of the child.

But in fact the presence of a diploma does not guarantee an interesting job, a good salary, a demand on the labor market.

But another trend is clearly

evident in society.

What does the lyceum or school give

First, a profession that can already feed.

Secondly, during his studies the teenager receives the same full 11-year education. At the same time, he can already consciously ask himself the question: “Which profession suits me more?”

If he understands that the profession received is not what he wanted, it’s time to go to another specialty.

Thirdly, the obtained practical skills often help to create a small enterprise in the future.

Usually these are small cafes, sewing workshops, repair shops.

A conscious view of the profession makes one study further and a person enters the institution already consciously into the correspondence form of training.

What is appreciated in the future profession?

I will not open America, if I say that the importance of the profession in a person’s life is great.

And what do young people themselves put in the forefront, choosing the future?

Small surveys and questionnaires show that

94% of respondents want a highly paid job


a sedentary job – 67%

Engage in science – 4%

To engage in manual labor – 2%

But only 30% of 11th grade students can accurately name the future profession.

What you need to navigate

The labor market can be compared with the ocean. Without an experienced pilot, this is indispensable.

In rare cases, parents will be real helpers. Usually it happens in families where there is a stable dynasty.

But the centers of psychological testing can reveal the propensities and inclinations of the future engineer, doctor, teacher, manager, seaman.

It is necessary to find out which profession is in demand in the labor market at the present time and in the future.

And it is necessary to listen to your desires and interests. Only the person himself knows what he wants.

The right choice is the solution to many life problems.

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Choosing a future profession