The future world of composition

I believe that there is no such person who would never have thought about what our life will be like in the future. The future is something that excites everyone, we think about our future, the future of our family and the world and the planet. We have completely different ideas about how our future will look.

There are hundreds of films that describe different theories about this. Some, of course, are fantastic, but many are quite realistic. A large number of people are waiting for the robots to start doing housework until the flying machines appear, while computers begin to perform most of the work that people are doing today.

Personally, I hope that in the future people will solve many of the problems of today’s life, such as discrimination, homeless people and unemployment. It will be difficult to solve environmental problems due to the development of the industry, but I still hope that technological progress will make it possible to stop global warming and pollution. Talking about the distant future, maybe we’ll even find another planet for life, which would be incredibly cool. But now it’s more like a fantasy. It would be great if people stopped fighting.

I think this is my biggest wish for the future. As John Lennon sang in his famous song “Imagine”: “Imagine that all people live in peace…” – I think this is a good goal for humanity – that there were no conflicts, there was no reason to kill. I think that everyone can contribute something good to our common future and make it better.

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The future world of composition