The history of mankind is created by labor

The will and work of man are wonderful divas.

N. Nekrasov

The classics left us many wise statements about work, about its beauty and its joy, about its necessity and use: “Labor has created the man himself”, “Labor ennobles man,” “There can be no clean and joyful life without labor”, “Only in work is a great man. ” The age-old folk wisdom is embodied in a variety of proverbs and sayings: “Labor feeds, and laziness spoils,” “Without difficulty you will not pull out the fish from the pond,” “Patience and work will peretrut.” Everything that a person is alive today is the results of the work of previous generations and those who live today. Everything that surrounds us, excluding nature, is created by the mind and hands of the workers. Scientists therefore could write the history of mankind, that each generation passing through the earth left after themselves the fruits of their labor.


plants and super deep wells, air and sea liners, oil and gas towers on land and in the seas, cars that have covered city streets, electronics and nuclear reactors, breeding fields and grazing herds – all this man has created to live, have shelter over head, bread and heat. But what strikes me most is created by work, not only for good, but also for the soul, for beauty. I dream of becoming an architect and, probably, therefore, I dream to see as many architectural masterpieces created by people as possible.

Recently I was in Kiev. I got acquainted with the city, its architectural monuments. He examined Sofia and Lavra, but the strongest impression was left of the recently revived complex of the St. Michael’s Golden-domed Cathedral. The cathedral itself, the bell tower and the bells cast according to old patterns, the cathedral square with monuments… How much labor, painstaking, thoughtful, how much warmth is invested in order to revive this piece of our history!

A miracle of man-made miracles that have survived to this day, are pyramids of Egyptian pharaohs. Until now, despite the

enormous research work of many generations of scientists, this stone page in the history of mankind has not been read. The question of how they could be built in those times distant from us remains a mystery. So far only one thing is clear: they are created by the hardest work of people who have worked for many years. Stand for centuries pyramids, like guards of the desert, guarding your secret…

I really want to see Peterhof and Versailles. On the palaces, gardens and fountains of Peterhof I read a lot, I saw documentary films. I know Versailles from French novels and historical films. Both Peterhof and Versailles seem to me to be the heights of perfection from many palace and park constructions. How ingeniously conceived! Catherine Palace of Peterhof, its fountains, canals, statues – everything was destroyed by the Nazis during the Second World War, and the values ​​were taken out. Today, Peterhof shines with its pristine beauty. The work invested in his restoration is an equally important page of human history, than construction itself. Pyramids, Peterhof, Versailles are from “marvelous divas” created by people’s hands and reflecting individual episodes of history that I would like to see first.

Admission, admiration and great gratitude are causing us all the work of a peasant, a farmer, our breadwinner. Alright, have you ever seen a wheat or rye seed? Dry, lifeless, tasteless and very-very small… The greatest of the marvels is the green earth, where toilers threw in thousands of such seeds. The way from this grain to a bun, bought at a nearby kiosk, is paid for with heavy labor.

Only that work, which is aimed at the common good, for the benefit of the human community, inscribes the pages in the history of mankind, creates a “marvelous diva.” The very ability and desire to work is the true treasure of the human race.

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The history of mankind is created by labor