“My future profession is a veterinarian” composition

For sure, each of us at least once in his life thought about the future, about what awaits us. And what is it, the future? Unfortunately, no one knows the answer to this question, but after all, each of us has the right to dream, to make plans. The fate of each of us gives a chance to realize our plans, it’s like a ticket, a ticket to the future, without accepting that, we can remain with our unfulfilled dreams.

For each person his ticket. As you know, you have to pay for any ticket. The ticket to the future also has its own price, it lies in our perseverance and zeal. Because we will try to achieve our goals, because how much we want to realize our plans depends on who and what we will become.

From an early age, I dreamed of a profession, sometimes – not even one, but several. Over time, I began to think more seriously: “Who do I want to become?”, Because the profession is chosen for life. It is important for me that my profession is interesting,

useful and useful for people around me.

I really love animals, I love them when they are funny, playful, full of strength and energy. So I decided to become a veterinarian. What attracted me to this profession? I will try to explain. In my opinion, the work of a veterinarian is very interesting, diverse and fascinating. In my opinion, she can never get bored or bored. A veterinarian is a very important profession, because the life of a living being depends on him. It’s great to help our little pets, to save their lives, as they often do.

The word “veterinarian” means “curing cattle”. A veterinarian is one of the oldest professions on Earth. People began to treat animals since their domestication. The first veterinarians appeared in pastoral tribes several thousand years ago.

The idea to become a veterinarian came to me from the very childhood, from about seven years. And the impetus for such a decision was a concrete case. At us in a year two times small kittens were born. But for some reason none of them grew. Kittens were born with sore eyes: at first they watered and

then festered. Soon all the kittens were killed. So I wanted to understand why all this is happening. Therefore, I firmly decided to become a veterinarian.

I understand that this profession is not easy, and you need a lot of knowledge, patience and individual approach to each patient. After all, they all have their own character and their habits. The person who chose this profession should be kind and sympathetic. He must also be patient and have much willpower. And most importantly – he must love animals very much. But not just to love – to have the knowledge to be able to provide the necessary help. I think that this profession is the future, because if there are no veterinarians, no one can help animals when they get sick. They will get sick and maybe even die. And the worst is that entire species of animals will disappear.

A good veterinarian has no right to treat only fluffy cats and cute hamsters in a clean and warm office. He should be ready for any, even the most unpleasant and dangerous procedures.

And among other things, a veterinarian should be a good psychologist – because animals do not know how to talk, they will have to explain themselves with the inflamed, upset masters, whose reaction to treatment and operation of a pet can be most unpredictable.

Veterinarians do many miracles with animals. They show them love, affection and a lot of patience. I had to see several times how animals are given injections, bandages, put systems, conduct a separate course of treatment, which requires a lot of strength and care. People do not understand the language of animals, but in the eyes and in appearance you can determine where and what hurts.

I believe that this profession is very important and relevant in our modern world. After all, many people who have their smaller brothers at home – cats, dogs, birds, hamsters and many others, do not know how to help animals if they suddenly get sick. In fact, animals are not like people, they can not say and show what exactly they are hurting, and who will come to their aid, who will give the necessary medicines, examine and give injections is, of course, a veterinarian. For him, the best reward will be a healthy, fun animal that will bring joy to everyone around. I want to make our world a little better, and our pets will help us in this. I will strive to get this profession, because already now I’m studying books on animal diseases. And I have plans to open my veterinary clinic for the future.

Not everyone can become a veterinarian. Those who wish to receive this profession should strive not only to become a veterinarian, but a good veterinarian, because animals suffer from the same diseases as people, but can not, unlike a person, tell about their pain. The right actions of the doctor will determine their life. In addition to knowledge of their work, the veterinarian must have a character. It must be a kind, compassionate person and able to take responsibility. I believe that a person who loves animals is not capable of violent acts and against people.

That’s why I want to become a veterinarian, to help our brothers with something less. I want to do good and be useful in this world.

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“My future profession is a veterinarian” composition