Future Russia composition

Future Russia composition

Does Russia have a future? I’m an optimist, so my answer is: yes. I do not want to listen to those who are frightened: in such a large country there will never be order. I believe that in the future we will be able to live better. But everyone must make efforts for this, because it is our common future.

In the future, people of our country will not be divided into very poor and very rich. Most people will belong to the middle class, that is, to have decent prosperity. They do not have to strive in droves to crowded Moscow “for work.”

Russia will become a state of law, where every person, even if he does not have wealth and power, will be able to protect his rights to life and happiness. To this end, each of us must invest a brick every day in this future prosperity, and, if necessary, help the other to defend justice.

In the future, people will have more opportunities in Russia, so alcoholism and drug addiction will cease to flourish. There will be fewer orphans, children will be happier.

I would also like to see one important change in Russia. Now many Russians are badly related to each other on a national basis. Someone does it in words, and someone in fact: insults, deceives, beats or kills. At the same time, people forget that although not all Russians are Russian, or not all are non-Russians, we still live in one country. And if we continue to hate each other, then the country can really fall apart. Only before this a war will begin, from which everyone will be ill. I do not want to see such a thing in the future.

The future of Russia depends on the actions of each person. It’s like a puzzle piece of many small pieces. Especially it concerns the youth. Only together we are a force capable of making our future better.

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Future Russia composition