Composition on the Future

Our future is in our hands. Surely, each of us repeatedly heard these words from the lips of parents, teachers. And this future depends on how much effort we will attach to its construction. To date, while studying, we use what our parents, past generations, have created. But a few years will pass and we ourselves will work for the benefit of our society.

A decent future is built of many aspects and components. This is the choice of the future profession, and the knowledge we have accumulated, and the creation of a future family, and the environment around us (ecological, economic, social). This is such a capacious concept that it is difficult to cover and describe it entirely.
We really are the creators of our destiny, the future. Today our happy “tomorrow” depends on the efforts made. Now we are at the age when it’s time to determine the choice of the future specialty, according to which we will work all our life. The importance of the choice is that

he does not disappoint us, the profession turned out to be necessary, relevant and in demand. Of course, in case of failure, it will be possible to retrain and get a new specialty, but all this is fraught with difficulties: financial, moral, lack of time and desire, after all.

Now we do not fully know what items will be useful for us in life. It seems to us that, for example, humanitarian objects will not be exactly needed, but technical ones will definitely be useful. This is a great misconception, because many specialties are built on a body of knowledge. The earlier we learn this for ourselves, the easier it will be for us to prepare for admission to universities and other educational institutions after school.

Throughout our life, health plays an important role. On how much we manage to keep it in our youth, our future also depends. This applies to family life and professional activities.

All these indicators concern us personally. However, there are other, no less important components. This, for example, is the ecological situation. On how much effort we will apply now to preserve the purity of

the seas and oceans, forests and fields, it depends on how air we breathe and our children in a few decades. On how economically we will spend the riches of nature, the welfare of our children and their health depends.

Let’s not live just for today. Do not forget about future generations. They will certainly thank us for the saved wealth that they will be able to enjoy and enjoy during their lifetime. Our path to a brighter future consists of many steps. And on how consistent and successful the steps will be, the well-being of our and future generations depends. The more we manage to preserve, master, learn today, the more we will respect ourselves tomorrow.

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Composition on the Future