The future begins today

How do I understand the phrase in the title of my essay?

The future is us, the young. It is up to us to take over the country in a few years or decades. And the future of the country depends on how much we are ready for this.

I know that many guys will not agree with me, but nevertheless I consider it necessary to express such an idea: our future seems to me very, very vague, if not gloomy. Why? Yes, because I see that my friends do not think about their future, nor, especially, about the future of the country! They do not care about politics, do not care about high art, do not care about morality – only worry about whether they make a lot of money. Also, most of my familiar guys are worried about whether they will be able to establish themselves in this life, whether they will go to a prestigious institute or university, whether they will have a “cool car”, how long they can hold on to their parents’ neck. That’s almost all their thoughts, desires and aspirations!

Where do we get to the Shakespeare’s “to be or not to be,” if the whole variety of philosophical thoughts, great feelings fades before the desire to have a wallet thicker than a neighbor’s, stuffed with hundred-dollar bills?! What kind of “love”, “beauty”, “conscience”, “compassion”? These are all the inventions of the poor intellectuals! This is what most children think, and adults pretend that they do not notice how the younger generation is rapidly rolling towards pragmatism, capitalism in the initial stage of accumulation.

I do not know, maybe I’m too gloomy and pessimistic about my vision for the near future, but life – and many already know – sometimes surpasses all the darkest predictions. Reality is a hundred times dirtier and more terrible. I look to the future, which, indeed, begins today, without optimism.

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The future begins today