Library of the Future

My acquaintance with the library took place at an early age, when I was six years old, and I went to a kindergarten. But the impression was so strong that I still remember everything in detail. Huge rooms, stacked shelves. And books on them. Books were everywhere: above, below, on shelves, in cabinets. I then thought: “Can all this be read?” And I promised myself that when I learn all the letters of the alphabet, I will necessarily read all these books.

Time passed. The need for a book, in reading, has become inalienable for me. Home library, school and, finally, the search for interesting books led me to the district library. I was surprised at the library with so much political, scientific literature and so little artistic.

A few decades ago, the library was visited by many readers. The new book was lined up with huge lines. On the shelves there were subscription editions of Russian and foreign classics. The reader came to the library to read a good book in

silence. People thinking and thinking searched for the information they needed in books and dictionaries. They turned to valuable sources. Often one could hear an exchange of opinions about books read, heated debates about her heroes. People aspired not only to acquire books, but also read them with great pleasure. The best of them were discussed. Sometimes with a friend we just “chased” for the book we need.

But, life is changing, its pace has increased. This should make adjustments to the concept of the library of the future. We were short of time. We want to do a lot. And there was a need to create a library of the future. I am sure that in the future the library should change radically. How do I imagine this? First of all – computerization. Computers should be everywhere: on the subscription, in the archive, on every table in the reading room in which the entire search system of the library is automated.

Computers are a new informational content of libraries, increasing efficiency in its work, this is a new level of international cooperation and, most importantly, the creation of a single

site with bibliographic information. But the computer should present not only bibliographic material, but also the text itself. I do not think that the e-book will replace the printed one. The electronic version of the book is very convenient, when a single copy of the printed edition is needed immediately to many readers. Sometimes you need to “cut” the text of the necessary fragments, libraries can not physically store countless books. While in electronic copies of all books will be kept. Although there are some disadvantages here. For example, a long time to read an e-book from a computer screen is not only uncomfortable, but also harmful to the eyes. How to be? I think, printed text must exist with the electronic simultaneously. They should not exclude, but must complement each other, alternate.

The library of the future will hold seminars, forums, discussions on the means of the Internet with readers in other cities and countries in real time on an exciting topic. Such forums of communication will allow to reveal more fully images of the characters, in the liked works, to learn the opinion of other interlocutors.

The library should become not only a cultural leisure center, but also an educational center.

The library of the future is a computerized and Internet-connected system. I believe that the state should give more independence to libraries. Supply them not with books, but with money. From the leadership of the library should depend on whom to cooperate with. Libraries should publish their publications without waiting for anyone’s permission.

In our time, when the economy is not having the best of times, there is a tendency to close state libraries. But a network of new private libraries is being formed. Open their promising organizations: banks, exchanges, financial institutions.

A new kind of library is its own. This is when the owner of a large library allows it to use it for everyone on its own terms. Well, I think it’s not a bad thing. A person should strive for a book. It still remains the main source of knowledge, and to knowledge we must last throughout life. Mind, intelligence forms a person: his character, habits, behavior. Although human values ​​are changing significantly. Now everyone wants to be presidents, bankers, managers, businessmen. But any profession should be based on good knowledge. And where to draw them, how not in libraries?

I do not believe that television, video can replace a good book. Maybe the current youth and read less, but the XXI century dictates its rules. The progress that has been observed, the computer boom demands from us uncommon intellectual abilities.

A well-equipped library of the future will attract to itself the magnet of its readers, people striving for knowledge, to scientific discoveries. And such, I’m sure, will not be small. For them the future of Russia and they must build with the mind!

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Library of the Future