Writing a Letter to the Future

This letter is written by the pupil of 4 B class of school № 107 Perm Perm Shiryaev Alexey, today December 2, 2014. I am 10 years old. I study with pleasure, everything interests me in life. And while I’m studying, I can not definitively decide on the choice of a profession. But, I know that it will be to help people.

Now, I go to the swimming pool, go in for swimming. In the future, I will become a professional swimmer, I will participate in competitions and take first place.

In my future, I will build a big, beautiful home for my family. We will have a garden where apple, pear, cherry and other fruit plants will grow. Also in the garden there will be a large swimming pool, where I will train.

I believe that in the future there will never be a war. I believe that all people will live in harmony with one another and become kinder. Also in the future, we will protect our planet and the environment from environmental problems.

I can stay happy if I am confident that our descendants will live in a happy, clean and free planet – clean from diseases and pollution free from wars.

In any case, my future is waiting for me only good news. It will be bright and happy.

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Writing a Letter to the Future