My future profession is the composition of a doctor

When asked which profession is the most important, everyone will respond in different ways. And if you ask what is the most difficult and tense, perhaps, first of all they will be called heavy men’s specialties, they will remember about firefighters, rescuers, policemen or military men. The most knowledgeable scientists, all intellectual workers will be called. But, in my opinion, there are people whose work unites all these characteristics. The business of their life is the most necessary, the most difficult, the most responsible, requiring constant improvement. These are people who face the most important tasks – to recognize, treat, prevent diseases, ensure the preservation and strengthening of the health and ability to work of people, save lives.

And these people are doctors. For a long time it was they who deserved the extension of life. At a time when devastating epidemics and wars were blowing the lives of millions of people, doctors persistently searched for

ways to get rid of and protect against dangerous diseases, tried to reduce complications after injuries and surgical interventions. They created all new medicines and vaccines, often experiencing them on themselves, so as not to endanger other people. Thanks to them, it became possible to prevent and treat a huge number of diseases previously considered deadly.

In the world there are constantly emerging new, previously unknown diseases, epidemics break out. And as always, the “guards of health” come to the rescue – bold, determined people who are exposed to unknown dangers, fighting against viruses, microorganisms and other pathogens.

Doctors, as before, save people, guard life on Earth. In the turmoil of today’s life, when every person cares primarily about daily bread, health issues often go to the background.

And we remember about ourselves only when it becomes very bad. Then, in most cases, we can not do without the intervention of a specialist.

And doctors do their best every day, and sometimes the impossible, helping us to return to normal, habitual life. And how

often representatives of this hard profession have to save lives and everything depends on their skills, ability to make the right and timely decision.

And you can not make a mistake, because the price of error is human life. It’s hard to imagine what would happen to the planet if there were no doctors. If no one was studying the causes and nature of the diseases, he was not looking for saving medicines and methods of treatment. Medicine is constantly in development. New diseases require new knowledge.

In addition, the knowledge and skills of the doctor are not limited only to the field of pure medicine. A true specialist should also be a good psychologist – to be able to listen to a person, to penetrate into his soul; to be able to calm, inspire hope, confidence, faith; be able to convince of the correctness and necessity of the prescribed treatment. After all, many people, strangely enough, reluctantly take care of their health, and often their stubbornness only worsen their condition, slowing down the process of recovery. In my opinion, not everyone can become a doctor.

For this profession it is necessary to have a special character, care, patience, calmness, kindness; and at the same time – firmness, the ability to make quick decisions, a huge sense of responsibility. It must necessarily be a person who is devoted to his work with all his heart; a person who realizes the importance and seriousness of this profession; one who is not afraid of dangers, difficulties, who consents to devote his whole life to people and, working, continue to constantly learn and improve. In my opinion, doctors do heroic deeds every day. After all, they save people, their lives, often at the same time risking their own; they prolong the existence of all mankind.

And is not this their real great feat?

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My future profession is the composition of a doctor