Questions asked by mankind’s war

Any war gives a lot of thought to a person, especially if he faced her closely. Many know about the battles of the Great Patriotic War from grandfathers, most of books and films. On the other hand, it’s good that not all personally fought. After all, one of the signs of a civilized world is the ability to regulate relationships without physical violence. However, local wars continue to occur from time to time.

What did they bring to people, what questions did they put before them? Many writers thought about this and described it in their works. For example, the novel “War and Peace” about the confrontation between Russia and Napoleon was written by Leo Tolstoy at the time of numerous wars in Europe. For that time, it became a huge shock. On the one hand – the rapid development of industry, science, art, and on the other – the predatory policies of the most developed countries, claiming universal domination. In “War and Peace” on contrasts

the society of 19 centuries is shown: balls, luxury, war, death and love. By the way, at that time the word “peace.” with a dot after it meant “society”, that is, this work can literally be translated into the modern language “War and Society.”

It seems to me that such novels teach patriotism and the ability to preserve one’s feelings in any situation. And Prince Bolkonsky and Pierre Bezukhov, different in character, views on what is happening, but both go to war. Also, both far from their native places continue to love. Maybe this feeling gives them strength, moral and physical, to defend their ideals. I do not want to equate this novel with the “Gone with the Wind” Mitchell about the civil war in the US, but the general idea is identical – a high sense of love carried through the war and saved, no matter what.

The most important thing that people should understand when studying the history of wars is that it is needed only by a narrow, overly ambitious stratum of humanity. Its more often developed countries are unleashing it, but can they be considered as such if they try to build up their wealth on the deaths of other people at their expense? Only by remaining true to their ideals, feelings, preserving, even in bloody battles for their freedom, a human face, people will be able to maintain and further their state, civilization, family.

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Questions asked by mankind’s war