My future is my profession

In the world there are about three thousand professions. Undoubtedly, they are all important. But over the years, I’m becoming increasingly convinced that my future profession – a doctor – is the most necessary, most important for humanity. What can be more valuable than life and health? Therefore, a person does not have the right to be a bad doctor, since it is the doctor who is trusted with the most valuable – health.

Convinced that “the return of millions of sunny days to mankind” is the most important task of the doctor. To improve a person is to prevent an illness, to convince a patient of the need to lead a healthy lifestyle, and to teach a person to correctly perceive the surrounding world, to orientate in it, to respond adequately to different stimuli, to eat properly, to breathe properly, etc. It is very important not to lose a deep respect for the sick, be able to listen, understand, help.

There is an expression: if to the patient

after conversation with the doctor did not become better, means, it is not the doctor. Indeed, the strength of the doctor in his heart, in the word to man. There are many reputable doctors, medical science luminaries, excellent masters of their work who have left and leave a worldwide reputation for themselves. You can name such famous names as Pavlov, Amosov, Mechnikov, Sechenov. But the greatest authority for me was Nikolai Ivanovich Pirogov, who saved the lives of thousands of patients, made grandiose discoveries – ethereal anesthesia and plaster bandage for fractures.

Pirogov was a child prodigy. When he was fourteen, he became a student at Moscow University, and at twenty-two – a professor in Germany. A brilliant surgeon, a remarkable diagnostic, he saved the life of young Dmitry Mendeleev, recognizing and curing the rare heart disease by that time. And how many more patients did he give back his health?! His name is covered with a legend. Even now Vinnytsya are convinced: if a person is sick, you should go down to the doctor, close your eyes, stretch out your hands to him and ask for help.

It helps.

How much depends on the skill, professionalism, kindness of the doctor. The more authoritative the doctor, the more curative his medicine. The real doctor has the body and soul of the patient, like a violin in the hands of a musician. The profession of a doctor is a feat, it needs self-sacrifice, purity of soul and purity of thoughts. Will work a big and responsible work. The doctor has no right to make the least mistake, because it is expensive. Therefore, it is so important to learn mastery, to master all the complexities of medical science still in high school. I’m fascinated by this profession since my childhood. I am ready with a clear conscience and clean hands to take up this responsible business.

All doctors are united by one thing: love for the patient, empathy for his health. In our time of environmental hardship on doctors are a difficult burden of disease of society. My future colleagues, receiving a salary or not, should stand in the operating room, deciding the fate of a person. They, people in white coats, give hope and faith in recovery in patients. Since without faith the patient will not stand on his feet. And who knows what’s on the mind of the doctor today? A person lives as long as the memory of him lives.

Many great people left good memories of themselves. Doctors – these are thousands of cured, returned to life people, writers – their immortal works. The artists – brilliant pictures that lead to the surprise of humanity of many ages, musicians, composers – their immortal masterpieces. An outstanding philosopher, poet, thinker, teacher – G. Skovoroda saw the meaning of life in the knowledge of himself, the surrounding world and God in himself. He considered it necessary to live life so that the conscience was, “as pure crystal.”

For me, the meaning of life in self-improvement. I like to teach, to learn every time new, to make for myself small discoveries of every day. It is important to take care of relationships with people, especially with loved ones, so that communication can always bring benefit and satisfaction. I consider the prerequisite of a person’s full life – freedom, freedom from fears, from stupidity, from any pressure.

Everyone should understand that life lived only for themselves is a powder that will disperse without a trace. Only the desire to shine high ideals of good, justice, the desire to help people, to be necessary to them, to be just – that’s what makes a person meaningful. On the path of life, unfortunately, there are many obstacles, tests. And that’s when a person needs faith, which saves him from mistakes and helps to find the right way out of difficult situations.

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My future is my profession