Composition “My Professional Future”

Nobody knows what awaits a person in the future. What kind of life he will have, what kind of work, what kind of family. But it is in childhood that we lay the foundation for our future life, for our profession. I want to reflect on the future that awaits me.

First of all, I must study well. After all, knowledge is the key to success. The better we learn the basics, the easier it will be for us later. In today’s world without knowledge, a person can not survive. The technology is developing at a fast pace, and it will be impossible to keep up with all the new products without certain knowledge. I am sure that a well-educated person has a successful life, that’s why I see myself in the future as literate and cultured, knowing how to navigate in knowledge. Proverb “On clothes meet, on mind or wit escort” and today it is actual.

I want to be respected by people around me. And for this, I myself must learn to treat them with respect. Today, authority

decides very much. But to earn this authority, you will have to work hard. It is not enough to know your own business, that is, to have a good command of the profession, to occupy a high position, to manage people. You also need a good attitude. Tolerate tolerance in people, the ability to listen and hear others is difficult. I will work on myself to acquire the qualities of a good leader. And I hope they will.

I want to learn how to speak beautifully. Not only know the rules of the Russian language, but also be able to express your thoughts correctly. Much in life depends on what you say and how. The ability to communicate with people in our communicative society is simply necessary.

I do not know which profession I will choose for myself. Today I am interested in many areas of human activity. But in the future I see myself as an intelligent, cultured, sociable person, who knows what to strive for. I think, having these qualities, to become a beautiful, rich and successful person will not be difficult.

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Composition “My Professional Future”