“My future profession is a psychologist” essay

Like all children, the answer to the question of adults “Who do you want to be when you grow up?” I changed almost every day: when I was little, I wanted to be both a ballerina, an actress, and a doctor. In the junior classes, probably through the children’s affection for the first teacher, I also wanted to teach the children. But now, when I’m finishing school, the question of the future profession is no longer a toy, but a serious problem of choice. And I think I found a decent answer to this question. In the future I want to become a psychologist. Medical scientists admit that the human brain has been studied less than space! What about the mental processes that occur in each of us every day, but still remain a mystery, not only for professionals, but often for ourselves. “Know thyself” … So, even for us, our own emotions, reactions, a feeling often incomprehensible. I do not set a high standard for myself, trying to understand not even myself,

but in others? Will I be able to provide people with qualified help, because the mistake of a counselor psychologist, as well as a doctor’s mistake, can cause an extraordinary damage to a person in a crisis situation? All these issues are not easy. And, probably, I will look for an answer throughout my life. But it is not worth retreat before difficulties!

It is even amazing to write now about how many stressful situations a modern person experiences every day: everyone knows this, and I will not tell. And yet how to get rid of this stress. Everyone is looking for a way out on their own. Since human psychology has been very interested in me for several years, I like to observe my friends, relatives, peers. And you know, often I see that in seeking recreation, running away from problems and stress, adolescents go to the wrong path: aggression, isolation, silence and mistrustful look, noncontact behavior – is it going to help overcome their own problems, their own uncertainty? And adolescence is exactly the period when “models of behavior” (so called psychologists) are formed for life.

And that is why most of all I would like to engage in psychological help, namely – to be a psychologist, that works with teenagers and children. Perhaps I will even work on the phone of trust. After all, not everyone was lucky to have an agreement in the family, not all surrounded by sensitive and wise friends.

Among my acquaintances there is a girl who did not have parents and was brought up in an orphanage. I am seized by her, for even in such conditions she has kept optimism, politeness, the desire for self-improvement and skill with understanding and warmth to others. And it, unfortunately, is more likely an exception than the rule. Therefore, it seems to me that a child psychologist needs a profession very much, because children’s misfortunes, unhappiness, childish aggression, which is caused entirely by objective reasons, and more often than not is simply a defensive reaction to the cruelty of the world. On all this, the future of society is based, and even more – the relationships in the families that later create these children. My parents and friends support me in this choice. Often I hear that my advice and support have helped someone close – and you can not imagine how pleasant it is.

It’s not at all a desire to stand out (it’s good, as I all help): those simple tips that I can give to friends – the guarantee that once I pledged a professional and my activity will be someone’s funeral. After all, in any profession, it is important not only persevering work, but also talent, vocation. Of course, I hope for future education, but now I’m starting to read the books available to me and try to teach myself to treat the problems of others with understanding and sympathy, to keep other people’s secrets, that is, I bring up future professional ethics. Although this work is also about professional activity, thinking about the future, I just can not get around one more topic: in the future I can see the creation of a family. I hope that all my knowledge from the child’s “psychology” I will be able to apply to the education of their own children, since it is necessary in the end to refute the proverb: a shoemaker without a boot! Maybe it sounds pathetic, but most of all, I would like to be useful and help those children who are deprived of parental care, and adolescents who have experienced the difficulties of their difficult life. And therefore my future profession: a psychologist.

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“My future profession is a psychologist” essay