Composition “White poodle”

In Russian literature there are many stories about true friendship, but I particularly liked the story of AI Kuprin “The White Poodle”. The author wrote it based on real events. At his dacha in Crimea, often appeared a wandering group of circus performers, who liked his son very much, and he was sunk into the soul. Despite the fact that the author belonged to a wealthy estate, he always sympathized with children “from the bottom” and sincerely admired their spiritual simplicity and nobility. The main characters of the story “White Poodle” – an old man-organ, Lodyzhkin, a brave orphan boy Seryozha and a white circus dog named Arto.

Together they travel along the coast of the Crimea and give circus performances. However, viewers come across different. Some are generously rewarding them, despite the fact that the organ organ is already old and the music is not the same for a long time. Others watch the performance and consider it unnecessary

to pay for it. But the worst viewers of the artists met at the dacha with the symbolic name “Friendship.” There lived a rich lady with an eight-year-old son and a whole suite of servants. The boy was called Trilly and indulged all his whims. One of these whims was at any price to take possession of the white poodle of strolling artists. The lady offered Lozyzhkin fabulous money. At this amount, he could buy a tavern and do not wander anymore, but Arto did not.

This white poodle was compared with a best friend and almost a brother. He brought him up from the smallest age and knew that he could not be a friend. Therefore, for no money, Grandfather Martin was not going to sell his poodle. From his words, Seryozha learned what real friendship and true friend is. The boy himself is no less expensive for the organ-grinder. After all, he took it at the age of seven at some kind of mullet. Sergei, in turn, very much appreciates and respects Lodyzhkin. Possessing a fearless character, he decides what many could not do. When the Janitor of the rich lady lures Arto with sausage and steals it, Seryozha, risking

his life, returns Lodyzhkin to his best friend, as he was wounded by the tears of an old man to the depths of his soul.

In fact, Sergei can also be called his best friend. After all, not everyone will decide on such an act for the sake of another person. Kuprin tried to write this story in clear language, so that even children understood the essence of the work. Moreover, he wanted to convey to the reader that, alas, only among the poor and remained a real friendship. You can not sell your friends, not for any money. In my opinion, stories such as “The White Poodle” form a moral principle in children and inspire optimism in the young reader.

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Composition “White poodle”