Composition on the proverb “Friends are known in trouble”

“A friend is known in trouble” – many know this saying, but you can only believe in it by checking on your own experience. A person communicates with people who are close to him in nature, hobbies, tastes, interests, but not all these friends can be called friends, a friend is something more.

In the immediate environment of the person there are many people with whom it is interesting to spend time, to walk, go to the cinema, play various games, do lessons together. But do not hastily call them friends, and share the most intimate. After all, there is such a thing as profit. Perhaps some of them just use you to spend their time, or that you help them with the lessons, or you have a cool computer game that they do not have and so on. Therefore, you need to know who is related to such acquaintances, and who is a true friend.

Friendship is a high feeling. Entering into friendly relations with man, we learn to keep other people’s secrets, become less selfish, and begin to rejoice and worry for their successes and falls, as for their own. Friendship should not be in itself betrayal, meanness, self-interest and selfishness.

A true friend, in addition to sharing your leisure time, will always come to the rescue, always support you, give you the advice you need, will always be with you in a difficult moment. Also, such a person should sincerely share with you joy, without black envy and anger. If all these qualities are in a person, then you can already call him your friend. The main thing is not to forget about reciprocity, because good friends come from those people who themselves know how to be good friends.

If after going through various difficult situations, troubles, a friend stayed with you, and did not seek excuses to help you, then you can be congratulated, you have a real friend! Appreciate it and do not betray it.

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Composition on the proverb “Friends are known in trouble”