Composition “My attitude to animals”

All of us are accustomed with the tenderness to look at animals in zoos, to admire the tricks they perform in arena of circuses, to be photographed with them. But, if you understand, it turns out that we just forced these creatures to entertain us in every way, and only because we are smarter and stronger than them. When I was younger, I was genuinely happy when I visited the zoo. I loved to feed animals, watch them. Similarly, I loved the circus with its trained dogs, cats, horses and bears. But now, coming to the circus or the zoo, I always think about what conditions are there for animals.

I’m not calling to release all the animals from their cells. I perfectly understand that most of them will not survive in their natural habitat, and many have found themselves in a zoo or a circus because they needed human help. I just wish that animals, being our neighbors on the planet, sometimes helpless, did not become hostages to their helplessness.

And I would like all people to take responsibility for the decision to start a pet. Is it not obvious that sheltering a cat or dog at home is impossible then just to put them out the door? Nevertheless, the number of homeless animals does not decrease from year to year. Fortunately, along with the number of cats and dogs on the streets, the number of volunteers who care for them is also growing, and they are looking for new owners.

In a word, the love of animals is the responsibility for them. And this responsibility is equally borne by the leaders of zoos and circuses, and those who decided to have a pet.

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Composition “My attitude to animals”