Best friends

A true friend. Who is it? And can there be several? How to recognize a true friend? So many questions arise immediately in my head. Do I have real friends? And at what age can friendship be called real and already grown-up?

Mom and Dad said that a true friend always comes to the rescue whenever necessary, even if you do not ask. Will support in any difficult situation. It remains always on your side, when all the others turn away. Will accept you for who you are. He’ll share everything with you and always tell the truth, never deceive. A true friend will be with you when you feel bad and when it’s good. If you get sick, he always sees you. Will help to do homework. I have many such friends. Is it possible to consider them all real or is there only one such friend?

I also really want to be someone real friend, for this kind of myself, respectively, with everyone. We have a friendly and good class. We are all friends and try to help each other. My parents say that this is very good. And they said that over the years, when I’m getting older, I’ll understand who is my real friend. Who will never forget about me. And even if, we rarely see and communicate, still at the right time, he will always be there. And no matter how much I have real and future friends, a best friend is always the most-most and he is the only one.

Perhaps, I have not quite matured yet and yet I can not understand it, but in the future I will definitely recognize my real friend. Or if he is not among already familiar people, then I will meet him. My mother and her best friend met only at the university. And already, how many years have passed, but they are still friendly, and always help each other. I will definitely have a friend, and our children will also be friends.

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Best friends