Composition on the subject of friends

Friendship is a unique gift to man. Each of us has friends. Some have a lot of them, some have not enough. The essence of this, one of the components of friendship is communication. Communication with those who want to share their problems, on whom you can rely, trust, ask for advice and just talk about anything. After all, one of the most important qualities of friendship is understanding.

The ideal friend should be faithful, honest, sincere and just be yourself. In our world it is difficult to find friends, but it’s even harder not to lose them. A real friend will never leave in need, share happy events with you, do not know the concept of envy. Of course, each of us in the soul is somewhat selfish. Friendship is a spiritual relationship that is determined in the readiness of self-sacrifice for the sake of a friend, devotion. Between the comrades there should be no slip, they must be sincere. In our real world, situations in which a friend saves from certain death are

extremely rare. But do not forget that even in the most ordinary little things, human relations manifest themselves.

For example, you are sick and you need medicine, but there is no one at home. A friend will never refuse to help. Mutual assistance is one of the principles of friendship. Everyone is familiar with the sayings “a friend is known in unhappiness”, “not in service, but in friendship”, “there is no friend – search, and find – take care”, “together closely, and separately bored.” All of them are vital, and most importantly instructive. Also, you need to be able to find a line between friends and comrades. With friends, there may be many common interests, work, study, but they do not have the same spiritual equality and solitude that makes them one. Friendship is hard work. It is necessary to make maximum efforts to become true friends, and not to lose them in the life of vanity and problems. You should not count on a person you do not know for long.

Friends are comprehended for years, and only a few remain close to you. After that, you can say with pride – “he is my best friend.” So, finding a person close to you, you need to make every effort, so as not to lose it, feel his shoulder of help, support. For this there is only one way – in order to have a true friend, one must be a true friend.

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Composition on the subject of friends