Composition is real friendship

A lot has been written and said about friendship and you do not know what else you can add. But how many people there are, there are so many notions of friendship. Everyone understands and perceives it in their own way. Is there any real friendship? About this almost everyone thinks about it.

We often confuse concepts: friends and comrades or colleagues. Many believe that friends should have the same hobbies, common outlook on life. But how many there are examples of sincere friendship between people of different material goods; social status; different nationalities; with a big age difference; with different formations.

One of the main components of friendship is sincerity and honesty. Sincerity in words, motives, actions. Sincerely rejoice at your success can only be a friend, also sympathize when you feel bad. And certainly, devotion and respect to each other play an important role. A real friend will listen, advise, but will never impose his opinion, his convictions; Do not leave you alone with the trouble. Even better, friendship is checked by distance and time.

With real friends, we are not afraid to seem weak, uninteresting, stupid, ridiculous. A friend perceives you as you really are, with all the pros and cons. A friend will not judge, will not betray, with him any troubles are not terrible.

Real, sincere, friendly relations can not be built for everyone. True friendship is built on something incomprehensible at first glance, uncommon, which at once can not be explained. She does not expect gifts and awards. Friendship just exists. You need to learn to appreciate real friendship, then you will be happy and bring happiness to those around you.

True friends are joined by spiritual intimacy, so to speak, the kinship of souls. Communication between people, disinterested acts and serve as the foundation for friendship. It is hidden away, in the depths of the soul, and not in everyday life. And such a friendship exists!

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Composition is real friendship