Composition of friendship

What is friendship? It’s fun! Huge joy from communication! The joy from the fact that there is a person close to you who will help with advice, will always listen and certainly support in everything. Only he can fully trust. Only from him you can listen without criticism to criticism in your address.

True friendship, like true love, is a rare phenomenon. But if it does exist, then we must protect it, like the apple of our eye. After losing a friend, we lose a part of ourselves. And we must always remember that losing it is easy, but it’s very difficult to find it. And the older we become, the harder it is.

You have to grow your friendship, like a fragile and delicate flower. “Watering” with thoughts about a friend, “fertilize” with worthy deeds.

What should be a friend? Faithful! Patient! Good! Yes, that’s it! He’s a Friend, after all! A friend will pass the test of time and circumstances. And with the years the real friendship becomes only stronger.

Friendship can not be one-sided, otherwise it is no longer friendship. Everything is common, all together! Always and everywhere!

Friends can not be many, one, perhaps two or three in all life. And the remaining tens and hundreds are just friends, comrades, acquaintances. Yes, good, nice, wonderful, but they are not friends.

And I have a friend! So I’m a happy person. So I’m not alone. And he too. And together – the sea is knee-deep, together we will solve any problems, and no difficulties and hardships will be terrible for us. After all, we’re friends!

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Composition of friendship