Who does not seek friends for himself, he is an enemy to himself

These wise words were said by the Georgian poet and public figure Shota Rustaveli. Wise words of a great man are priceless to this day, a person who has no friends is closed in and too self-confident, because he thinks he can solve his problems himself.

However, when trouble comes, he realizes that with his misfortune there is only one, no help, no one to listen to him! Such is the payment for self-confidence to an uncompounded person.

Live without friends is very bad, almost everyone has friends, or so they call themselves. With friends, you can have fun in nature, play football and just have a good time.

However, not all friends call themselves. Real friends have few people, these are those who, regardless of anything, will help in any trouble and will try to help all that is in their power. Nowadays it is very difficult to find such friends, but if such friends have to be proud of them and cherish their friendship.

There are “friends” who are

friends of benefit or for other self-interested reasons, they should stay away from these, these so-called “friends” are able to put their feet in the most difficult moment. And asking for advice and help to such “friends” in trouble, only can add pain and sorrow.

True friendship is sometimes higher than blood relationship, sometimes a person can not find help from relatives, but a real friend will come to the rescue and help in a difficult moment with deed and word.

In the book of books, in the Bible, we can read the friendship story of the royal son Saul and the Jewish king David. For example, Saul repeatedly saved David from death when his father wanted to kill David. The pure, unselfish friendship of biblical characters can serve as a good example for us.

A friend will not flatter and deceive, since flattery and deceit are a property of enemies, though in the mouth of a friend it can only be of use, you will not hear reproach and ridicule, because laughing or reproaching a friend is an insult to yourself.

There is one more important reason to have friends – old age, in old age people remain for the most part alone, children live their lives, at this moment only communication with an old friend can brighten up senile loneliness.

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Who does not seek friends for himself, he is an enemy to himself