Writing friends are known in trouble

Friendship is the most important thing that a person has. Friendship does not know betrayal, deception, selfishness. Some people believe that the word “friend” comes from the word “another”, in other words – another I. That is, it must be a person who is very similar to you. You can have common interests, views on life. Perhaps you both love chocolate ice cream and hate rainy days. If a friend is a reflection of yourself, how can you deceive yourself or offend yourself? Of course not! That’s what friendship is!

Of course, a true friend will always come to the rescue. Even in the most difficult moments. A person who really loves you will understand your sadness in your eyes, in the notes in your voice. It will be enough for him to say “I’m bad” and he’s right there! A true friend, no doubt, will help where you need them! Friends are able to listen, give advice and support. True friends can prove themselves in little things:

help with homework, donate your own felt pen, which you really liked, bring you sweets, when you are lying at home with a high temperature. Even if a friend on TV has a favorite cartoon, but you broke his mother’s vase and asked a friend to help collect it, he will come to you and help you. A cartoon can be viewed and together!

But sometimes it happens that not only a friend hastens to help you, to help out of an unexpected situation. But the person who will rejoice at your ups, your achievements, happiness is a real friend! After all, you can only rejoice from the heart, without jealousy and reproach!

Perhaps, friendship for each person opens in his own way. But I know for sure that my friends are known as in trouble, and in joy! A real friend will never find a whole bunch of excuses so as not to help me. But he, in turn, will never shrug his shoulders when I am happy to say that I was given a new car on the radio control. He will sincerely rejoice with me, and we will run together to play!

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Writing friends are known in trouble