Composition “About school friends”

This girl I know from the first class. Now she is my best friend, her name is Liana. On the eighth of February she will turn 13 years old. Liana is quite tall for her age. She rarely has a bad mood, so on the face you can often see a radiant smile. look whole

In my composition, I decided to describe my classmate Pavlik. With him I have known for a long time – from the first class. All these school years he was a good helper, friend, and also an enemy and rival. Pavlik is a boy of medium height, the majority in the school. look whole

Who can be rightly called a true friend? The one who by his own behavior, by his actions, will prove this, and not the one who only in words your friend, but in fact – only a friend. If Yura is my real friend, it means that I can. look whole

Any of us has at least one friend or girlfriend. For example, I have many friends and girlfriends. We with them together go to school, to walk, in cinema, on a disco to school. Often they come to visit me. We play together in a variety of games, in a computer. look whole

My friend Vadik is in the same class as me. We are very friendly, almost do not part: we spend leisure together, prepare lessons, helping each other, we go to the football section together. Vadik is a goalkeeper, and I’m a defender. The coach says that our friendship helps in. look whole

Friendship is first of all mutual understanding, frankness and sincerity. “Tell me who your friend is, and I’ll tell you who you are” – this proverb accumulates in itself the life experience and wisdom of many generations. In fact, the bonds of friendship most often unite people. look whole

Plan Introduction. The first impression of my friend. Excellent qualities of my girlfriend. Love of reading. Reader’s talent. Sensibility and kindness. The conclusion. Appearance can be deceptive. Last summer in the camp. look whole

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Composition “About school friends”