“The meaning of the word friendship” essay

There are many beautiful things in the world, but why are they needed, if you are alone and you have no one to share it with? And to everything else, the thing is – it is material, but friendship, love and even hatred is a spiritual product that can be inaccessible to many people. Some people ask: “Who is a true friend?” There is no unequivocal answer to this question. One can only assume what qualities a real friend can have: responsibility, loyalty, caring, kindness, respect. If the availability of these qualities satisfies people, they become friends.

I believe that a person in life has always had at least one real friend. Yes, life diverge and there is not always an opportunity to be near to each other and support, but in the heart this person is always with you. And even if you do not communicate for a very long time, in connection with certain circumstances, you involuntarily ask yourself: “What would my friend advise me, how would he do?” Why

does this happen? It seems to me, because he can be trusted with very much, all the most intimate, even his life. A friend becomes a part of you, and without it you no longer feel yourself as you are now.

Friendship is wealth that many people want to own. She gives you to understand that you are not alone, that you will not remain alone with your misfortune, but sharing joy with someone is an even greater happiness.

If the friendship is real, it will never go away. It will go along with you for many years and everything will be the same as it was 10 and 20 years ago. Your friend will be happy to communicate with you, support, advise and worry for you, even if you are far apart.

The quotation of John Chrysostom, which is given in the beginning, completely answers the question: “Why is friendship important and necessary?” You can sacrifice everything for the sake of a friend. Without a friend it is impossible to live, because this person is a reflection of yourself. You know everything about him, and he about you is a trust that is difficult to win.

Also, it is worth noting that one can not consider friendly relations only within this framework. Of course, there is love, but love for the person himself on the spiritual level; respect, that is, some kind of equality and recognition of each other. There is no ideal friendship, there will always be disagreements, without them it is impossible to build good relations. Therefore, it is checked for years, and if the test is passed, then you are a happy person.

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“The meaning of the word friendship” essay