What should be a real friend?

If we start to list all the qualities that a true friend should have, then he will not be an ordinary person, but a superman: kind, cheerful, loyal, honest, loyal, going to the rescue, able to support in a difficult moment and help out of trouble, bold and interesting. .. And this is not all. I wonder if there is a person in the world who has all these virtues? Perhaps, but there are only such people, these are heroic people, legendary people. But even they have the right to make mistakes, because a person can not, and should not be ideal, otherwise he will be very lonely in our world.

Whom do we choose as friends? Probably, those who possess qualities that are of paramount importance for us. Not all of the above, but only a few. And we value this man not because he is what he really is. In a friend we value not individual qualities, but the person as a whole: with his habits, manner of behavior and conversation.

Often you realize that a stranger to you has become a true

friend after shared experiences of troubles, failures, difficulties in which a person reveals from within, without being able to lie to himself.

A real friend… It’s something close, infinitely expensive, warm, cozy. “A friend in need will not give up, do not ask too much.” Yes it is. But a friend is not only when he is for you. I believe that one-sided friendship is a mirage, an illusion. Friendship is when two people take it, but give it to each other – two. Honestly, without deceit, without using one person by another.

Do I have many qualities that I consider important and necessary for a true friend? What am I willing to sacrifice for a friend? It seems to me that you need to ask yourself these questions more often, that is, to become a real friend yourself, and then there will certainly be people who will support you in a difficult moment, without hesitation and delay will give a helping hand and share with you all the sorrows and joys of life.

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What should be a real friend?